Our company

Hello, and welcome to the SHARKTOOTHGUYS®. In 2015 we discovered a gap in the wholesale souvenir and gift market. So we decided to head out on the journey to create the best Shark Tooth Necklace Selection and for the lowest cost.We decide we could not only make amazing models that the customers will love but also allow the customer to have a 3-5 times mark up while staying under the competition. The company uses real fossil teeth with no plastic beads only stone, glass, metal, and ceramic.

  1. The teeth are from phosphate mines which are mined in Morocco. The company currently has 1,500 diggers that we buy from and also has 30 Moroccan women in the factory that make the necklaces.

  2. This is helping the woman develop an independent lifestyle. All necklaces are tagged with lobster claw claps with two inch extensions for larger individuals.

  3. The necklaces are high quality and range between fifty cents to two dollars maximum that are normally marked up 3-5 times profit when sold. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us, we are the SHARKTOOTHGUYS®.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • money back guarantee